An Exclusive Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a 500 Year History.

Produced in strictly limited quantities from olives that have been hand picked from some of the world’s oldest olive groves located in the majestic Greek island of Corfu. This exceptional olive oil embodies a rare and unique spirit, rooted in five centuries of history, that only a selected few have the privilege to appreciate.

As depicted in Homer’s Odyssey, Queen ARITI was very beautiful and intelligent and ruled alongside her husband King Alcinous in the Kingdom of Phaeacia, now known as Corfu island. Her people honored her as no other woman on Earth, highly respected her and looked upon her as a goddess. The way every woman would like to be treated and esteemed! Our unique olive groves stand proud and unscathed from the passage of time making ARITI a symbol of longevity, health, prosperity, good fortune, strength and regeneration!

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